About Us

ChefGoneMad is a premier producer of original seasoning blends, founded by the visionary entrepreneur Chef Derek Robinson Jr. Our brand was conceived in response to the pressing health disparities within the Greater New Orleans region. This led to the development of two salt-free seasoning blends, "Smoked Garlic & Herb" and "Chicken & Fish," designed to deliver both flavor and wellness.

These innovative blends swiftly gained traction among local consumers and have since evolved into a resounding nationwide success story. Fueled by unwavering confidence in our products and guided by the affirmative feedback from our valued patrons, Chef Derek expanded our product line by introducing an "all-purpose, everyday" seasoning, "Cajun Nola," which has become the hallmark of our brand, symbolizing our commitment to heritage and quality.

Originally launched as an exclusive online venture, ChefGoneMad's premium seasoning blends now grace the shelves of numerous grocery stores spanning the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Our Vision

At ChefGoneMad, we transcend the conventional notions of seasoning. We stand as culinary innovators, dedicated to reshaping the flavor experience. We recognize that health is paramount to our customers. Hence, we have meticulously crafted salt-free options that deliver both taste and well-being, enabling individuals to manage their sodium intake without compromising on culinary excellence.

Our Global Presence

What commenced as an online initiative has evolved into a prominent presence on the shelves of numerous grocery stores along the U.S. Gulf Coast. Our overarching mission is to establish ourselves as a household name, extending our passion for flavor and well-being to consumers worldwide.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At ChefGoneMad, we are resolute in our commitment to promoting consumer well-being while maintaining an exceptional standard of taste. We are not merely a seasoning provider; we offer a transformative culinary journey, a celebration of gastronomic creativity, and an unyielding pledge to elevate every dining experience.

Join us in celebrating the art of cuisine, the science of flavor, and the innovation in every seasoning blend. Welcome to ChefGoneMad - Where Flavor Meets Purpose, and Every Seasoning Tells a Remarkable Story.